What are the requirements for online banking passwords?

As part of ongoing security enhancements, you may be asked to create a new online banking password when you log into Online Banking, Online Business Banking or the Vancity Mobile App for the first time after December 8, 2019.  Your new online banking password will include letters, numbers and symbols.

Unless prompted to change, existing members can continue to use their 5- to 8-digit PAC to login.

Your online banking password is your first line of defense against others attempting to access your account. Your password shouldn’t be shared or easy to guess, so avoid birth dates, phone numbers, names and addresses.

Remember Vancity will never email you or send you a text message asking you for your password or other login credentials.

Online banking passwords must be between 8 and 30 characters long, and must contain at least:

  • 1 lower case letter (from a to z),
  • 1 upper case letter (from A to Z),
  • 1 number (from 0 to 9), and
  • 1 symbol (*~>|!+?”,@-#{$.\%/}&:^’:_<~={})

Your password can contain spaces, but a space does not count as a symbol.

What makes a strong password?

Even though Vancity has systems in place to protect your money, keeping your financial accounts safe is a shared responsibility. Here are some tips to create stronger passwords:

  • Avoid using simple patterns or easy to guess options. That includes the word password, birth dates, phone numbers, names, addresses or number strings like 111111.
  • Don’t use the same password on every website. Ensure your new password is unique to online banking.

Ready to level up your password even more?
Consider using a passphrase or a selection of random words. Bonus – you’re more likely to remember a passphrase like CoconutAvocadoPlaza1$ than a password like M@5t3Rp@$$w0rd1967.

If I forget my password, can I reset it myself?

No. At this time, if you forget your new password or have been locked out, you will need to contact our Member Services Centre or visit one of our community branches to reset your password.

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