Who are Primary Cardholders and Authorized Users?


This section only applies to enviroTM Visa* Classic, enviro Visa Gold cards, enviro Visa Infinite* card, and enviro Visa Infinite Privilege* card for personal use. If you have an enviro Visa Business or enviro Visa Infinite Business* card, you’ll need to know who Account Administrators and Authorized Users are for our business use cards.

Primary Cardholders and Authorized Users of enviro Classic and enviro Gold Visa cards do not have the same responsibilities and access to their Visa account information.

The Primary Cardholder is the person who applied for the Visa account. They’re responsible for all charges on the Visa account. They own all the reward points earned on the account and can redeem them. The Primary Cardholder can give other people permission to share the Visa account by adding Authorized Users to their account.

The Authorized User has a credit card with their name on it, issued on the Primary Cardholder’s Visa card account. The cards we issue to Authorized Users are sometimes called ‘supplementary cards’ or ‘additional cards’. The reward points belong to the Primary Cardholder and can only be redeemed by them. Authorized Users will not be able to redeem points unless they have been designated as an Authorized Redeemer by the Primary Cardholder.

Authorized users do not have access to their account online through Manage My Visa card. To access their account information, Authorized users will still be able to call Card Services 24/7 at 604-877-4999 and toll-free at 1-800-611-8472.

If you’re an Authorized user and a Vancity member with a personal credit card, you can also link your credit card information to your personal online banking account. Learn more.

Remember, even if there are Authorized Users on the account, the Primary Cardholder is responsible for the account and promises to pay Vancity for all fees and interest we charge on the account and all the transactions. Any purchases made by an Authorized User will appear on the Primary Cardholder’s monthly statement.  Authorized Users should keep in mind that the credit card account belongs to the Primary Cardholder, and any purchases Authorized Users make using their card won’t help build their credit history.

For more details on these different cardholder roles, please review your Vancity Credit Card Agreement.

Need help? Call the Vancity Rewards Service Centre at 1-866-661-3377.


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