enviro™ Visa* alerts

With our free alerts, keep tabs on your enviro™ Visa* card account activity, monitor your spending and more. Set up enviro Visa alerts to inform you of your everyday transactions via text message or email.

Depending on the alert you are interested in, alerts are set up through Online Banking and the Manage my Visa card website:

  1. The following alerts can be set up by logging in to the Manage my Visa card website — the same site used to view account details, opt out of paper statements, and more:
    • When you are about to reach your credit limit.
    • When an upcoming credit card payment is due soon .
    • When your card is used outside of specified countries.
    • When your card is used for an online purchase.
    • When a transaction is declined.
    • When a purchase exceeds a set amount.

More information about card controls features here.

More information about Manage my Visa card can be found here.


  1. If you are a Primary Cardholder (personal use Visa cards) and member of Vancity, additional alerts can notify you of transaction activities on your card. These can be set up by logging in to Online Banking:
    • When there is a cash withdrawal from an ATM.
    • When a purchase is made outside of Canada.
    • When there has been an online or phone transaction.
    • When a transaction has been declined.
    • When a purchase is made over a set amount.

Additional alerts are available for enviro Visa Business cardholders through Spend Clarity. To learn more, click here.


enviro Visa card alert FAQs

How to set up and manage alerts on Manage My Visa

All alerts available through the Manage my Visa card website can be set up through your browser using a computer or mobile device.


How to setup and manage alerts through Online Banking

Online Banking enviro Visa alerts are not available at this time for non-member cardholders or business accounts.  These alerts cannot be set up through Vancity mobile app or mobile web, you must be on our desktop/full site.

We encourage you to do a test to see if you’re receiving alerts via email and/or text messages. If you have not received it, please check your junk email folder. Please add “no-reply@vancity.com” to your contacts.

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