How will I access my enviro Visa account online through Manage my Visa card?

Simpler way to log in with the updated Manage my Visa* card website.

Currently, you use two different logins to access My Visa Account to manage your Visa card and My Visa Rewards Plus to redeem reward points. After the credit card services upgrade on Monday, January 14, you’ll simply log in at Manage my Visa card to manage your card online.

If your Visa card earns reward points, once you log into the updated Manage my Visa card website, you’ll be able to redeem points on the Vancity Rewards website without logging in again.

If you’re also a Vancity member, you’ll be able to view your enviro Visa card accounts in online banking.

Please note, Primary Cardholders, Account Administrators and Authorized Users will not have the same access to their Visa account information after the upgrade. For enviro Classic Visa and enviro Gold Visa cardholders: Learn more about Primary Cardholders and Authorized Users. For enviro ExpenseGold Visa cardholders: Learn more about Account Administrators and Authorized Users


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