How do I “Request Money” through Interac e-Transfer?

Request Money is a feature of the Interac e-Transfer service which allows you to request money securely through online or mobile banking. You can send a request to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a bank account in Canada.  You will be notified after the request has been fulfilled and the money has been deposited in your account.

Please note, a charge will be applied to the account that sent the request at the time that request is accepted and the funds are deposited. Please see our service charge bulletin  for more information. An Interac e-Transfer Request will remain active for 30 days.

If you haven’t created a profile for Interac e-Transfer, you will need to do that first.

If you are experiencing difficulties when receiving a request for funds through Interac e-Transfer on mobile web or app, please login to online banking using a desktop computer or access the full website and login from your mobile phone.

Steps to Request Money

Accepting an Interac e-transfer fulfillment

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