What happens when someone receives an Interac e-Transfer?

When you send an Interac e-Transfer, the recipient will get an email or a text notification containing a link to the ‘Deposit your Transfer’ page on the Interac site. From here, depending on the financial institution, the recipient is walked through a user-friendly interface that enables a quick deposit.

How do I verify the status of an Interac e-Transfer I sent?

To view the status an e-transfer you sent, simply view the ‘Pending e-Transfer’ page. It will indicate whether your e-Transfer has been received and deposited.

What happens if the recipient doesn’t accept my Interac e-Transfer?

If a recipient does not accept your Interac e-Transfer, you can resend the notice by clicking ‘Resend Notice’ beside the transfer status on the ‘Pending Interac e-Transfer’ page. If the transfer has not been picked up by the recipient 30 days after the date sent, the transaction will expire and notification will be sent to the sender. The sender then has 30 days to cancel the transaction to reclaim their funds (minus the service charge) by clicking ‘Cancel’ beside the transfer status on the ‘Pending Interac e-Transfer’ page.

If the sender does not cancel the transaction by this time, Interac e-Transfer will do so and the funds will be returned to the sender (minus the initial service charge) within seven days.

Why are some business and retail members having a difficult time sending/receiving Interac  e-Transfers?

One possible reason is that special characters have been included in either the name of the recipient of the funds e.g. jdoe@telus or, in the memo field.  Please do not use special characters in the e-transfer naming or narratives and use a proper name in the Recipient  field e.g. jdoe.  Acceptable special characters are alphabet A-Z,  a-z , 0-9 + ,- . / : ?  Any other characters may cause Interac e-Transfers to fail.

Can I cancel or view a pending Interac e-Transfer?

You can cancel or view the status of an Interac e-Transfer here. 

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