How do I manage my Online Business Banking? (Dual Signature)

The following article is to support you as you set up and manage your Online Business Banking. This guide is most suitable for an authorized signer of a business account that requires two signatures to complete a transaction.

If you are a Delegate for a business account, please review this guide.

If you are an authorized signer of a business account that requires only one signature to complete a transaction, please review this guide.

In order to access your Business Banking online, you will need an active MemberCard debit card and online banking password for the business account.  This will be used as your login credentials.  If you require a new card or need to reset your password, please contact a branch.
If this is your first time logging in, please review this information. 

Initiate and Approve Transactions:
After you have logged into Online Business Banking, you will be able to initiate transactions or approve/modify pending transactions.  To do so, follow the steps outlined below.


Assign and Manage Delegates:

Lighten your workload by creating read-only delegates to view and check your accounts, or initiator delegates to create online transactions for you review and approve. Delegates can access your business account through the desktop site of via login credentials that you are able to provide and manage.

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