How do I access and manage my Online Business Banking? (Delegate)

The following article is to support you as you set up and manage your Online Business Banking.  This guide is most suitable for a Delegate of a business account.

If you are an authorized signer for a business account that requires two signatures, please review this guide.

If you are an authorized signer of a business account that requires only one signature to complete a transaction, please review this guide.

Since the introduction of Multi-Factor Authentication (a mandatory security feature of Vancity online and mobile app banking) the account owner or delegate (Online Business Banking only feature) may be required to enter a one-time code when accessing their Vancity accounts.

In order to access your Business Banking online, you will need to be provided Delegate login credentials by an authorized signer on the account. With these credentials you will be able to access through the desktop site. You will also need to setup a method for Multi-Factor Authentication.
Note: you will not be able to access the account through mobile web or the Vancity mobile app.

Access and Permission Settings
General Delegate access and transaction permissions are established, modified and cancelled by the authorized signer of a business account. Vancity staff are unable to assist in setting up or modifying the user profiles for Delegates.

Initiating and Performing Transactions:
If you have been provided ‘Initiator’ access, you will be able to initiate a transaction that will require an approval from an authorized signer (or two, depending on the specific setup of the business account). 

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