enviro™ Visa* card controls

Misplaced your enviro™ Visa* credit card? Or simply want more control over your card? With the new card controls and alerts, you can now lock and unlock your credit card, set card usage rules, and get notified when nearing your credit limit — all in just a few clicks. With card controls you can:

    • Temporarily lock your card if you have misplaced it.
    • Apply restrictions against merchant categories, such as dining, shopping, entertainment and more.
    • Set a limit on the maximum dollar amount allowed on a single purchase.
    • Block usage of your card Internationally, with the ability to specify the countries you want to include as an exception to the block for all in-person transactions.

Information about all alerts available for the enviro Visa card, including how to set them up, can be found here.


Setting up card controls


enviro Visa card controls FAQs

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