How is Apple Pay different from ‘tap’ on my Vancity credit or debit card?

The process is similar—only instead of tapping your physical card at the store checkout, you tap your iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple Pay uses the same technology that enables tap on credit and debit cards.

While the process is similar, paying with Apple Pay does offer these additional benefits:

  • You can use Apple Pay anywhere you can tap a debit or credit card, so you’ll no longer need to bring your wallet with you everywhere you go
  • Every Apple Pay transaction must be verified using your iPhone security features — Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode — so strangers can’t use Apple Pay on your device
  • Unlike debit cards that allow a maximum tap of $250, Vancity has not limited the per-transaction amount for Apple Pay. Personal daily limits still apply. Learn more about tap limits for our debit and credit cards.
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