What’s the difference between a PAC # and a PIN #?

Remember that your PAC # (Personal Access Code) is different than your PIN # (Personal Identification Number).

To log in to online, mobile or telephone banking, enter the last 10 digits of your MEMBER CARD # and PAC #, same password you’ve always used to log in.

You use:

PAC # 5- to 8-digits

(no letters or symbols)

to log in to online, mobile and telephone banking. You need to use your MEMBER CARD # and your existing PAC #. PAC # (5- to 8- digit)
PIN # 4-digit at ATMs or to make point-of-sale purchases with your MEMBER CARD® debit card PIN # (4-digit)

To sign up for a PAC #, please call our Member Services Centre or visit your nearest community branch.

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