How do I set up Touch ID or Face ID on my iPhone or iPad to login?

To make your Vancity iOS app login experience smoother by using the following steps to enable Touch ID or Face ID.  In order to complete the following steps, you must be logged into the app.

  1. Log in to the Vancity app using your existing credentials
  2. Select the “Settings” tile
  3. Select the “Biometric Setup” option
  4. Review the Agreement and press “Accept
  5. Switch the toggle to the right of “Use Face/Touch Login
  6. A Caution pop-up will appear.  Select “Enable Face/Touch Login
  7. Please select an MFA Factor to receive your One-time Code and then press the “Press Here to Receive Code” button
  8. Once you have entered the One-time code successfully, you will be re-directed to the “Face/Touch ID Settings” page with the toggle switched to the right

At your next login, your Apple device will remember your credentials and you will not be prompted to enter them manually.

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