How do I make a Mobile Cheque Deposit in the app?


Step 1: Select ‘”Deposit” on the main screen in the mobile app
Step 2: Complete the fields

  • “Deposit to” is the account where the money will go to.
  • “Amount” is the amount written on the cheque.
Step 3: On the back of the cheque, print: “For deposit only to Vancity Financial Account # _______” and sign the back of the cheque.
Step 4: Take a photo of the front of the cheque by pressing “Take Photo”. Repeat for the back of the cheque. Taking a photo of a cheque using the mobile app
Step 5: Tap the “Continue” button to deposit the cheque into your account.
Step 6: Write “Deposited” on the front of the cheque. Store the cheque for at least 45 days. Then destroy the cheque within 120 days after deposit.



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