How do I transfer funds to another member?

Effective May 6, 2018, the list of accounts you see when transferring to another member or Relationship # has been reduced from twenty-six different accounts to seven account categories, e.g. Personal Chequing.

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You first need to obtain the following information from the person you want to transfer funds to:

1. their 7- or 8- digit Relationship number
2, their Account category
  • Ask them to provide the type of the Account they want to receive the funds.
  • Funds will be deposited according to the following rules:
    Each of the seven options in the dropdown list has a default account for that category that the money will go into. If the member doesn’t have this default account it will go to the first account opened by the member in that category, e.g. Personal Chequing.


Account category Default account for deposit
Business Chequing Independent Business Account
Business Savings Business Jumpstart Savings
Business USD Chequing Business USD Chequing
Business USD Savings Business USD Savings
Personal Chequing Chequing Plus
Personal Savings Jumpstart High Interest
Personal USD Chequing USD Chequing Plus

For example, if a member selects Personal Chequing the money will go into the members Chequing Plus account. If they don’t have a Chequing Plus account it will go into the Personal Chequing account they opened first.

This default account is based on the most commonly used account by members within that category.


Did you know?

  • when you make a transaction after 10:00 pm PT, the funds are withdrawn immediately and you can see your new balance in the Account Summary; however, the transaction will not appear in your Account Activity until approximately 3:00 am PT. Learn more
  • You can save an intermember transfer information for your frequent transfers, here’s how

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