How do I transfer funds to another member?

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You first need to obtain the following information from the person you want to transfer funds to:

1. their 7- or 8- digit Relationship number
2, their Account name
  • Ask them to provide the name of the Account they want to receive the funds.
  • If they don’t know their Account name, just confirm if they want the funds to be made in their Chequing or Savings account.
  • In the dropdown menu of products, choose any one of the Chequing or Savings, and the funds will be made to the first account the person has in that Relationship #.

Did you know?

  • when you make a transaction after 10:00 pm PT, the funds are withdrawn immediately and you can see your new balance in the Account Summary; however, the transaction will not appear in your Account Activity until approximately 3:00 am PT. Learn more
  • You can save an intermember transfer information for your frequent transfers, here’s how

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