Can a Relationship set up as ‘2 to sign’ transfer funds within a Relationship using online banking?

Members can elect that 2 individuals are required to sign and be authorized to:

  • carry out any and all standard transactions
  • give instructions, verification and approvals

If the Relationship is designated as ‘2 to sign‘, there are certain transactions you can and cannot do, such as:

You cannot: You can:
❌ make bill payments

❌ transfer between accounts within a relationship

❌ send intermember transfers

❌ send INTERAC® e-Transfers

✔ deposit cheques using Vancity Mobile Deposit™ on the Vancity mobile app

✔ receive INTERAC e-Transfers

✔ receive intermember transfers

✔ view account activity


  • you can call the Member Services Centre or visit your nearest community branch to transfer funds within Relationships with just one signer
  • you and one more signing authority can visit the branch to reduce the required number of signers to one, enabling all online and mobile banking transactions, including transfers within a Relationship
  • your business may be eligible for Online Business Plus if the following are required:
    • 2 or more to sign
    • segregation of banking duties
    • more advanced online banking services

Note, to be eligible, your business would need to have an extensive relationship with Vancity, including Cash Management services such as prime accounts, high transaction volumes, electronic funds transfers, etc.

®Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

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