What do I do if I forgot my PAC # / Password or my security questions?

Your personal access code (PAC #) is now referred to as your online banking password. If created or changed on or after Sunday, December 8, 2019 your online banking password will include letters, numbers and symbols.

If your online banking password was set up prior to December 8, 2019 and has not been changed, it consists of 5- to 8-digits (numbers only). Unless you’re prompted to change, you can continue to use your 5- to 8-digit to login.

For the health and well-being of our members and employees, we’ve reduced operating hours or temporarily closed some branches. We’ve significantly increased the number of people available to support you for online and telephone banking.

Please contact us by phone or go to the branch to reset your online banking password (formerly referred to as PAC #). Once we’ve verified your information, we can reset your login so that you can change your online banking password or your security questions.

If you are calling to reset your online banking password please make sure you have access to an internet – connected device and your MEMBER CARD number with you.

If you forget your 4-digit PIN or verbal password, you’ll need to go to your nearest community branch.

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